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BeHealthy symbolises the belief in the power of nature as a source of health.

Imagine one morning you wake up from a drop of water falling on your face. In shock you jump out of bed and locate the source of your rude awakening. You quickly spot a corner of the ceiling that is soaking wet. Now it dawns on you: one of the water pipes must be leaky. You have to get a plumber in to fix this. You fire up your browser and google for some nearby plumbers. Faithful uncle Google spits out a list. You get the first one on the phone: he has 10 years of experience in the business and based on your description of the issue he quotes what you believe to be a reasonable price. The 2nd one of the list tells you he started a week ago as a plumber. Before he was an accountant but he felt he needed a career change. He quotes you double the price of the first one.

There is of course no doubt which contractor will get the job: the first one is more experienced and less expensive.

Now think for a second about your body and wellbeing. Over more than 100 000 years nature has perfected our bodies to take care of themselves. It is constantly selecting and refining animal and plant species to make them better in survival. Compare this to modern medicine, which started to develop in the beginning of the 20th century. The plumber metaphor might appear stretched, but still: modern medicine has a lot in common with the inexperienced plumber.

This is what BeHealthy is about: not a rejection of the virtues of modern life, but a reminder that nature has perfected itself to bring us health and wellbeing. BeHealthy didn’t happen overnight. For many years I have been reading about this topic, and searching for products based on natural ingredients and processes. You will only find products on this site that have been selected based on positive personal experience.

I invite you to browse the product section. Each product features a detailed description of the ingredients and the manufacturing processes.

Be healthy,

Teodora Vasileva